A backdoor, or sneak, is when a player's villager(s) runs to the back of an enemy's base with the intention of building an army and/or to steal resources. A backdoor is not limited to the very back of one's base - it can be anywhere behind the enemy's main front, or on the land between two enemies.


The types of backdoors (BDs) include:

1. Building in one specific location with the intention to create a large army which can attack the enemy's vulnerable Town Centres, farms and houses. The 'big' BDs usually require either a large amount of villagers or a lot of time (meaning undiscovered or just a lazy opponent) to prepare and build.

2. Spreading


A lot of successful BDs, or players who consistently succeed with them, come from planning out the strategy very early in the game (i.e. within the first 20 seconds). There are three approaches, and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Below is a general description of them.

  1. A purely dedicated BD. This strategy involves building 4 or more town centres and upgrades as soon as possible. No barracks are built (except for some to defend your current base, if needed). When all upgrade buildings have been completely, a group of about 15 villagers should be at the town centres. This is when they are deployed and sent to a location (or several, depending on the circumstances and/or your strategy) to begin building.
  1. Build a big base and army. This will require a lot of villagers, which therefore means it will take a little longer

Most backdoors (BDs) are built in the early stages of the game. The most effective BDs are when the opponent's villagers are not discovered, are spread out (building in multiple spots)