Farming is one of the most important concepts in Choson. Farming is almost always necessary due to the large amounts of food being spent on legions throughout the game. In most games, all the food a player begins with can be used within 10 minutes into the game, so it is important to restock. Farming is one of the many skills which separates all ranks of players from each other.

Tips on farmingEdit

There are a number of factors which make reliable and efficient farms as a fast and large food source.


If you want reliable farms (i.e. safe farming which will not die or come under threat) then build in a location in which the enemy cannot, or will find very difficult to, attack. For example, you might want to build as close to the town centres as possible, as villagers are created only nearby, and can quickly aid with a defence. You wouldn't place the farms in the middle of the map - try building in a secure location which can be barricaded well.

Amount of villagers farmingEdit

To get a full grasp of this concept, we have to compare the rates between the usage and replenishment of food. See the table below:

        • TABLE****Assuming the smallest gap between the farm and the town centre,

A farmer collects 27 food per minute. 50 farmers collect 1350 food per minute.

A legion costs 35 food per unit. A legion is created every 27 seconds (2 per minute). Therefore, each barracks will use 70 food per minute. This is 2.5 times faster than the restocking rate by the villager. We need two and a half villagers farming per barracks just to break even, or realistically, five farmers per two barracks.

20 barracks use 1400 food per minute.

        • TABLE****

// Table which shows / 1 villager food collected per minute / cost of legions per minute

// If we multiply this by 50 barracks, we will see a usage of XXX. To balance this, we need to restock our food at XXX rate. This would require X amount of villagers

Time when farms are builtEdit

This factor depends on the amount of villagers available. However, a two Town Centred start can have farms up by under 5 minutes, but a four Town Centred start will obviously have more villagers to farm with earlier

Farm density/closenessEdit


Highly efficient farming.


Very inefficient farming.

This is a big concept which, unfortunately, you only see in the higher level games or the really tight maps. This is because players usually rush their farms so that they can focus on battle. The tighter your farms (i.e. the closer your build to your town centre or granary) the better. This is because a. it decreases the amount of travel time for the villager between the farm and depository, and b. it uses less space on the map so that

Building dense or closely-spaced farms is a good skill to have. Many players underestimate the importance of this, and they find themselves running of food and space very quickly. For example, to the right is the contrast between very poor farming against very efficient, tight farming. #include in picture description: There are farms which do not have a nearby depository, causing long villager travel time.